GproteinDb in 2024: New G protein-GPCR couplings, AlphaFold2-Multimer models and interface interactions
Pándy-Szekeres G, Taracena Herrera LP, Caroli J, Kermani AA, Kulkarni Y, Keserű GM, Gloriam DE.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2023
Latest GproteinDb publication featuring e.g.:

The G protein database, GproteinDb
Pándy-Szekeres G, Esguerra M, Hauser AS, Caroli J, Munk C, Pilger S, Keserű GM, Kooistra AJ, Gloriam DE.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2021
First GproteinDb publication describing the majority of data and tools.

Common coupling map advances GPCR-G protein selectivity
Hauser AS, Avet C, Normand C, Mancini A, Inoue A, Bouvier M, Gloriam DE.
Elife, 2022
Describes the G protein - GPCR couplings in the G protein couplings page of GproteinDb. Integrates G protein family-level couplings from the Guide to Pharmacology database with large G protein subtype-level datasets generated by the groups of Michel Bouvier and Asuka Inoue.